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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

XP Automatic Updates annoyances

Two aspects of Windows XP Automatic Updates drive me batty.

One is the popup box that harasses you every 10 minutes after an update has been installed until you reboot.

The other is the fact that Windows will kill all processes and reboot the machine when doing a scheduled update overnight. Several times after I thought I had shut down my computer for the night, I've returned in the morning to find it was still running, with an instance of Notepad prompting me to save my changes to a scratch document. I say "no", and then the computer shuts down, and I have to wait for it to shut down and start up before I can get to work. While on the other hand, if a Windows update is pending, Microsoft couldn't care less about your data or any running processes and will just kill them all at a whim so it can patch itself against the latest security overrun and show the media that Microsoft is Serious about Security.

Fortunately, both these annoyances can be solved with a registry hack:



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