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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Malware Company Responds

First 4 Internet, the UK-based company behind Sony BMG's malicious DRM, responded to Mark Russinovich's blog entry, calling his assertion that their rootkit unloader can crash the system "pure conjecture". Mr. Russinovich has posted a scathing reply that includes a screenshot of a BSOD caused by F4I's rootkit driver. He also calls them out on their refusal to acknowledge the security and stability risks posed by their software, and he criticizes them for acting like an adware company and making it extraordinarily difficult to uninstall.

Mr. Russinovich concludes:

Instead of admitting fault for installing a rootkit and installing it without proper disclosure, both Sony and First 4 Internet claim innocence. By not coming clean they are making clear to any potential customers that they are a not only technically incompetent, but also dishonest.

Read the full article.


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