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Monday, September 26, 2005

Orem City Maimed My Tree

The City of Orem sent some people to "trim" the tree in my front yard today... because it was blocking a streetlight. In my opinion, the shade from the leaves made the streetlight almost tolerable, but then, I've already shared my opinion about these garish fixtures.

My tree was there first... and Orem said they'd work around existing trees. (They also said they'd install dark-sky sensitive lighting, which they obviously didn't.)

So here's the damage:

Way to beautify the city, Councilmember Sandstrom.

Good thing the tree wasn't under a set of power lines. Utah Power mercilessly slaughtered many of my neighbors' trees that happened to be under some high tension lines--most of which were maybe 30 feet below the wires--and the employees were outright hostile to the affected homeowners. At least the Orem City employees were polite.


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