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Monday, August 29, 2005

I am a selfish, insensitive clod

Upon reading the news of Hurricane Katrina, I hate to admit my first concern was not for the hundreds of people who probably lost their lives. Or the thousands of people who lost their homes. No, being the insensitive clod that I am, the first thing I thought was, this is going to send gas over $3 a gallon.

I don't know why I'm so caught up in every movement of gas prices. It's not like I drive a whole lot. I work one mile from my house. And more often than not, I walk anyway. (In fact, twice now I've left my car parked for days at a time and then discovered I left the dome light on and the battery was dead.) Sure, oil prices will drive other prices up due to the expense of shipping things, but at least I still have a home to come home to. (It'll probably cost $200 a month to heat this winter, but, again, I think I'll live.)


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