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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Camera Update: Goodbye to Best Buy

So I decided to splurge a little (okay, significantly) over my $200 budget and get the 5MP Canon Powershot A95. I found new units online for around $260 shipped, but Best Buy advertised $269 on their web site. So I thought I'd save the shipping hassle and pick one up locally. Alas, I found that the $269 price was a web-only deal--they wanted $300 in the store. I might pay an extra $10 for instant gratification, but not $40. So I ordered the camera from instead.

I also e-mailed the following nice letter to Best Buy:
I just came back from my local Best Buy store. I intended to buy the Canon Powershot A95 digital camera, but I found that the price in the store was $30 more than the price advertised on Since I had previously called about the Sony Cybershot DSC-S60 and heard that the sale price shown on would be honored in the store, I was frustrated to find that the same was not true for the Canon. Looking back now, I see that there's no indication on the web site that the Canon's sale price was a web only deal.

The sales associate at Best Buy told me I could order online and then pick up in the store without paying shipping--but that it would take a week before I could pick it up! What a joke!

I decided to buy my camera elsewhere, and I wanted to explain why you lost my sale. What's more, since your web site is apparently not useful in determining your prices in brick-and-mortar stores, I am disinclined to visit your store in the future only to find myself disappointed again.


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