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Sunday, December 17, 2006

More fun with Windows Vista

A few more notes on Windows Vista:
  • Installing a real video driver fixes OpenGL. Neither NVIDIA nor HP provides a driver that works out of the box, but I just snagged the latest ForceWare driver and manually added the PCI ID of my video chip to the nv_disp.inf. Works like a charm.
  • You can turn off the User Account Control obnoxiousness. But then you have to turn off Windows Secuirty Center alerts too, because otherwise it will annoy you about it with a red taskbar icon until you change it back. There's no way to tell the Security Center to ignore this one warning (like you can for firewall or AV).
  • Unlike XP's Luna theme, which gave you exactly three colors to choose from (Bland Silver, Drab Green, and Retina-Burning Blue), Vista's Aero lets you pick any color you want. It also lets you use the Windows 2000 look, but they took out most of the color schemes. THEY KILLED EGGPLANT!!111eleventyone
  • There's a funny surprise in the EULA. You are allowed to use Vista (Ultimate) inside a virtual machine--but you are NOT allowed to use any DRM'd media inside the virtual machine. Microsoft apparently only wants to let people use DRM protected by physical TPM chips gooped up with epoxy. They'll never learn.


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