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Monday, May 30, 2005

Another casualty of the lawn mower

Today I mowed down my second sprinkler head this year. The other one happened about a month ago. Naturally, I destroyed the PVC riser as well, so I had to replace that too. And, naturally, I didn't have one at hand, so I had to go buy one. Good thing there's a Home Despot not more than a mile from my house. This time I bought a handful of extra risers, couplers, and a couple pop-up heads that were on sale for a dollar each. I ought to be able to mow down two or three more sprinkler heads before my next trip to the hardware store.

... except that my toilet runs sometimes--the float doesn't float, possibly due to a worn-out ballcock valve, so the water keeps running until I manually yank the float up. Naturally, it only misbehaves when I don't have the cover off to look at it. I'll probably just replace the entire assembly. That's another trip to the store.

Oh, and I need to put a new set of pads in my evaporative cooler. Not to mention replace the copper tube that carries water up to it--I forgot to drain it last fall, and it split in several places.

It's fun being a homeowner.


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